One Call System (Blackboard Connect)

The One Call System is used as an emergency alerting system during times of emergencies and some cases a public messaging system for certain town functions. There are three town employees that have the ability to activate the One Call System: the Town Clerk and the Town Administrator, however on most occasions the Emergency Manager will be the primary person to send these messages. When a message is sent, you will notice the Town Hall phone number (413-628-4441) on your caller I.D. The town will always self identify, so please don’t hang up!

All residents are registered in the One Call System. If your phone number has the 625 prefix and your physical address is in Ashfield you will get the calls unless you opt out of the program. If you are currently not receiving these messages it is could be for one of the following reasons: 1. You may have asked to be removed from our database, 2. You have an unlisted phone number, or 3. You may have recently moved into Ashfield. If you would like to be added to the database please e-mail the Emergency Manager at or call the  Town Clerk, (413-628-4441 EXT 5). Please provide your name, house address (not mailing address), phone number and your cell phone number if you would like to begin to receive these messages. Your personal information will be secured on the One Call System.