Fiber To The Home

This page provides information on the status of Broadband installation in Ashfield.  The project is called Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and it is being managed by Westfield Gas & Electric.

Installation Status

Streets Affected To Date


StreetMessenger StrandFiber Strand
Route 112February 11


StreetMessenger StrandFiber
Route 116February 11
Buckland RoadFebruary 11
Smith RoadFebruary 11
Suburban Road
February 12

Norton Hill RoadFebruary 12


Messenger Strand
Fiber Strand
Conway RoadFebruary 5


Messenger Strand
Fiber Strand
Baptist Corner RoadJanuary 27February 11
Main StreetJanuary 28
Barnes RoadJanuary 29
March RoadJanuary 29
Beldingville RoadJanuary 30
Phillips RoadJanuary 30
Pfersick RoadJanuary 30
Warger RoadJanuary 31
Murray RoadFebruary 3
Bellus RoadFebruary 3
Graves RoadFebruary 5


StreetMessenger StrandFiber Strand
Ashfield Mountain RoadFebruary 11
Hawley RoadFebruary 12

Certified Complete

No FSA is certifies complete to date.  As work is completed and certified to be completed they will be listed in this section.  Additionally the map below will show it as well.

Ashfield Broadband Service Area - 2018.04.02

How to Sign-up for Broadband Service

If you are an Ashfield resident and have not yet applied to receive internet and telephone service then it’s not too late to do so.  Application for service is still open and can be done at Whip City Fiber.   Someone will contact you to inform you of installation cost as your premise installation nears.  If you apply for service, you are not obligated to take service if you change your mind before your premise has been wired to the network.

Who’s Doing the Work

The Town authorized $2.3M in borrowing plus an additional approximately $240,000 in annual allocations to fund broadband construction. The Commonwealth has contributed $1.41M and committed to funding some overage costs. Once the service is up and running it will be sustained by subscriber fees.

Westfield Gas and Electric currently is the project manager overseeing the FTTH project until it is completed.  WG&E, operating as Whip City Fiber, will also manage internet service and network operations.

Sertex LLC is providing the installation of the fiber wires on the poles throughout the town.  They are not responsible for installations from the pole to the premises.    

The network hub is the fiber optic interconnection point and contains the switching electronics. It will be located in the basement of Belding Library.  It is currently under construction.

Home installations will begin after a Fiber Service Area (FSA) is certified. Whip City Fiber will contact homeowners to schedule installations.