WiFi In Ashfield

During the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to Hilltown Networks, Sanderson Academy and the Commonwealth thru Whip City, free WiFi spots have been made available to Ashfield residents.  This is especially needed while we are exercising sheltering in place and while schools are closed in the Commonwealth until May 4th or possibly later.

Where do I find a WiFi signal? Three locations in Ashfield.

  • On Main Street along the Town Green near the Ashfield Fire Station.
  • Another location on Main Street in the Library’s parking lot behind the building. 
  • In the parking lot at Sanderson Academy on Cape Street.

We strongly urge all who use the WiFi to remain in the vehicles and continue to adhere to social distancing as advised by the WHO, CDC and MA DPH.  This practice is extremely important to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Are there are locations where there is a WiFi signal?  Yes two other locations in Plainfield.  

  • At the parking area of the Shaw Memorial Library.
  • Also at the parking area of the Plainfield Town Hall.

The same protocol of social distancing and remaining in your car applies in Plainfield as well.  We do not want to abuse the generosity of the good people of Plainfield.  

At all locations the SSID is broadcast and visible to your devices also no password is required to get on the net.