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Emergency Management Forms

  1. Reverse 911 Submission Request

    Form used to add/change/remove a reverse 911 recipient to/from the list.

Online Forms

  1. Request a Dog License

    This form is used to submit a request for a dog license. This form must be accompanied with the appropriate fee otherwise it is not... More…

  2. Submit a Community Newsflash

    Use this form to submit a community newsflash for posting on the town website. The web team will receive this submission, review it and... More…

  1. Submit a Community Calendar Event

    Use this form to submit a an event to the community events calendar. Once received it will be reviewed to make sure that it meets with... More…

Senior Services

  1. Senior Services Feedback - September 2019

    This form is being provided to elicit feedback from resident regarding future needs of senior services. This was created after the... More…

Town Clerk Forms

  1. Submit a Meeting for Posting

    Use this form to submit a meeting to the town clerk for posting. The town clerk will receive this submission, check the town calendar... More…

  1. Submit Meeting Minutes

    Use this form to submit the meeting minutes to the town clerk. The town clerk will receive the uploaded file(s) and confirm whether... More…