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Ashfield Police Department Forms

  1. Request a Mask

    This form is used by residents to request a face mask.

  2. Volunteer to Sew

    This form is used by residents to volunteer to help sew masks.

  1. Request for Security Check

    Complete and submit this form to have an officer check your residence while you are out of town.

Board of Health

  1. Temporary Food Service Application

    This form is used by the Board of Health (BOH) for those who would like a temporary permit to serve food in the Town of Ashfield.

Emergency Management Forms

  1. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Enrollment Form

    This is form is the application to signal interest in becoming a member of the Ashfield CERT team. If selected there will be a... More…

  2. Offer to Help During Emergencies

    Form used to offer your services to help during a declared state of emergencies.

  1. Connect Contact Information Submission Request

    Form used to add/change/remove "Connect" recipient to/from the list.

Town Clerk Forms

  1. Submit a Meeting for Posting

    Use this form to submit a meeting to the town clerk for posting. The town clerk will receive this submission, check the town calendar... More…

  1. Submit Meeting Minutes

    Use this form to submit the meeting minutes to the town clerk. The town clerk will receive the uploaded file(s) and confirm whether... More…