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Dog Licenses

State law requires that all dogs over the age of six months in the Commonwealth be licensed annually.  The deadline for obtaining a license is on the last business in April of each year.  The dog license fee for a neutered/spayed dog is $5.00.  A proof of current rabies vaccination is required

No license will be issued if a dog does not have an updated rabies vaccination.  An added fee will be assessed for a dog that is not neutered/spayed.

For more details on how to "apply for" or "renew a" dog licence as well as payment options refer to the document listed below.  This document contains a license application and how to submit and pay for it

A penalty fee of $35.00 will be added if an application/renewal is submitted past the deadline.


Marriage Licenses

Under Massachusetts state law a prospective couple must jointly file their intention to marry with the clerk of any municipality in the Commonwealth.   The law requires the following:

  • A mandatory three-day waiting before the clerk can issue a marriage license.
  • Bring valid identification; drivers license, social security card or unexpired passport.
  • Have the below listed information ready at time of application:
    • Planned date of marriage.
    • Name, current address, telephone number and planned name changes for each. 
    • Name, address and telephone number of the officiant. (Person who will perform/officiate the marriage ceremony)
  • The officiant must be registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to solemnize the marriage.

Once the marriage license is issued:

  • It is valid for sixty (60) days from the date the intentions have been filed.  
  • It may be used in any municipality in the Commonwealth.  
  • It is not valid in any state other than the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  

The fee for "Marriage Intention" in the Town of Ashfield is $15.00.  The fee varies within the Commonwealth since it is set by the municipality.

The fee for a certified copy of "Marriage License" is $10 payable to the town of Ashfield.

For an appointment, additional information or questions email Ashfield Town clerk or phone 413-628-4441 Ext 5.  

Use of Town Hall Building

For the latest policy terms and procedures for the use of the town hall building and how to apply to use it refer to the document listed below:

Town Common Application 

To apply for a license to use the Town Common for a special event use the form listed below:

Citizen Petition Form

Form used to submit a proposed "Warrant Article" to be voted on at Town Meeting.  This form is submitted to the Select Board and requires registered voters to sign it.