Park Commission

Parks and Beach Status
Recently, possibly harmful algae bloom was observed at Ashfield Lake. This algae can be toxic to people and pets, therefore the Board of Health has issued a public health advisory suspending swimming at the Lake until further notice. Also, any fish caught at the lake should not be consumed as it may be contaminated by the algae. If you have questions please contact the Board of Health directly.


  1. Prepare Belding Memorial Park Annual Budget.
  2. Oversee maintenance of the Belding Memorial Park
  3. Implement rules and regulations mandated per Massachusetts state law
  4. Direct the operation of the lake facility and beach
  5. Hire life guards and support personnel
  6. Purchase supplies
  7. Authorize payment of invoices
  8. Other duties include lay out plans and improve park, make rules for the use including a police force to act in such parks. The Park and Recreation Commission will define the powers and duties and do all acts needful for the proper execution of their powers and duties. The Park and Recreation Commission will have the power to conduct park programs and recreation activities at places other than such public parks.


Name Contact Term
John Nawrocki Chair 2023
Judy Haupt   2022
Helene Leue   2021


Meetings are scheduled as needed at Town Hall.  Notice is posted 72 hours prior to the date of the meeting.

Minutes & Agendas

Current and past minutes and agendas are found on the Commission’s "Minutes & Agenda" online folder. 


Park Commission online documents folder.


Employment Opportunities

  • None are available.